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[PDF] AN4753, Rational ClearCase Use in CodeWarrior® 10.3 - Applic ... (REV 0)

30 May 2013 AN4753: This application note discusses the use of the Rational ClearCase version control system in CodeWarrior 10.3. It lists the files needed to maintain the project and describes how to install, set up, use, and unins ...

[PDF] AN4473, Compact Thermal Model for Dual 24 V High-side Switch Family - Applic ... (REV 2.0)

05 Dec 2014 This application note describes the compact thermal model for dual 24 V high-side switch family.

[PDF] AN4841, S12ZVL LIN Enabled Ultrasonic Distance Measurement - Application not ... (REV 1.0)

17 Mar 2014 AN4841: This application note introduces the MC9S12ZVL32 device in ultrasonic sonar application, capable of detecting an object as well as measuring the object distance.

[PDF] I2C-bus controlled dual channel 43 W/2 Ohm, single channel 85 W/1 Ohm class- ... (REV 2.0)

29 Aug 2016 TDF8599B I2C-bus controlled dual channel 43 W/2 Ohm, single channel 85  W/1 Ohm class-D power amplifier with load diagnostics Rev. ...

[PDF] LFMAJ43LT3A 2D Mechanical drawing (File 2 of 2) (REV 0)

19 Oct 2016

[PDF] MC07XSC200, Dual High Side Switch (7.0 mOhm) - Data Sheet (REV 2.0)

30 Sep 2013 The 07XS3200 is one in a family of devices designed for low-voltage lighting applications. Its two low RDSON MOSFETs (dual 7.0 mOhm) can control four separate 55 W / 28 W bulbs, and/or Xenon modules, and/or LEDs.

[PDF] i.MX 6Solo/6DualLite Applications Processor Reference Manual (REV 2)

22 May 2015 The i.MX 6Solo/6DualLite application processors are NXP Semiconductors's latest additions to a growing family of multimedia-focused products offering high performance processing optimized for lowest power consumption.

[PDF] MPC5121e Automotive Fact Sheet (REV 0)

13 Feb 2008 The latest in integrated processors,NXP’s MPC5121e provides an exceptional computing platform for OEM, aftermarket and commercial telematics applications and more.

[PDF] Low IF tuner high performance one-chip (REV 1.0)

30 Jul 2013 Page 1. 1. General description The Low IF Tuner HIgh performance  One chips, TEF6686 and TEF6688, are single-chip ...

[PDF] BFU530X ISM 433 MHz LNA design (REV 1.0)

05 Feb 2014 Page 1. AN11435 BFU530X ISM 433 MHz LNA design Rev. 1 — 24  January 2014 Application note Document information ...

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