NXP offers low-power, sub-1 GHz wireless solutions for use in a wide range of applications. These high-performance, bi-directional sub-1 GHz radios are capable of operating over a wide frequency range including 315, 433, 470, 868, 915, 928 and 960 MHz in the license free industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency bands.

Wireless Meter-Bus

NXP is a leader in MCUs and communication ICs for metering applications. ZigBee Smart Energy and Wireless Meter-Bus (M-Bus) are becoming key standards for connecting the meters to the grid and to the home energy management system.

Wireless M-Bus is a European Standard for meter-reading applications initially defined for the 868 MHz frequency band and now extends to other frequency bands as well. Wireless M-Bus defines the bi-directional communications between the meters (gas, water and electricity) and the data concentrators.

Based on EN13757-4, Wireless M-Bus supports two types of readout systems – a walk-by/drive-by method requiring more frequent transmission addressed by the T mode and the networked method with R and S modes.

Other possible in-home applications for electronic systems using Wireless M-Bus are alarm systems, flexible illumination installations and heating controlling.

Sub-1 GHz Wireless Solutions

  • KW0x: Kinetis KW0x - 48 MHz, Sub-1 GHz Radio, Ultra Low Power Wireless Microcontrollers (MCUs)

Sub-1 GHz Applications

  • Security Systems
  • Building Automation Controllers
  • Electric Metering
  • Environmental Automation
  • Flow Meters
  • Utility Meters
  • Wireless Sensor Nodes
  • Home/Industrial Automation
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Office Automation

Design Resources

Featured Product

  • MRB-KW0x
    Modular Reference Boards for Kinetis KW0x Family of MCUs

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