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Millimeter-Wave Solutions

The ability of a vehicle to make precise, safety-related decisions depends on its capacity to accurately detect and classify objects. NXP’s highly integrated radar MCUs and RF front-end technologies (RFCMOS or BiCMOS) offer customers scalable system solutions that address ultra-short range, short-range, mid-range and long-range radar. This means higher accuracy and safety for applications such as collision avoidance, lane change assist, autonomous emergency braking, radar cocooning with 360° perception, or adaptive cruise control.

Radar Products

  • S32R27: S32R Radar Microcontroller - S32R27 Automotive & Industrial Radar Applications
  • MPC577xK: Ultra-Reliable MPC577xK MCU for Automotive ADAS & Industrial Radar Applications
  • MR2001: Multi-channel 77 GHz Radar Transceiver Chipset