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Wireless Charging ICs

Our wireless charging products are industry compliant system solutions supported by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and the Power Matter Alliance (PMA) standards for both transmitter and receiver wireless charging applications. These products offer a broad range of choices based on the needs of the end application. NXP® offers solutions from low power 5-Watt to medium power 15-Watt for the consumer, industrial, and automotive markets consisting of the transmit/receiver controller IC, associated software, evaluation boards and reference designs. The software contains all of the functionality to implement the core charging function, while also providing an API for customization and adding additional features. The transmitter/receiver ICs are highly optimized devices providing the wireless charge controller functionality in the system, as well as additional IOs and memory for customization.

Standard Key Features
Products Type Power
Coils Memory Application Packages
MWCT1xxx MWCT1x1x Transmitter 15 W Single/Multi 64 KB Consumer 32QFN, 64LQFP
MWCT1x0x Transmitter 5 W Single/Multi 32 KB, 64 KB Consumer 32QFN, 64LQFP
MWCT1xxxA MWCT1x1xA Transmitter 15 W Multi 64 KB, 288 KB Auto/Industry 64LQFP
MWCT1x0xA Transmitter 5 W Multi 64 KB, 256 KB Auto/Industry 64LQFP
MWPR1516 MWPR1516 Receiver 15 W Single 16 KB - 32QFN-EP,