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More Processors

    Our portfolio of MCUs, DSPs/DSCs & security processors offers high level integration, comprehensive software/hardware enablement & broad performance range.

    8/16 bit MCUs

    S12, HC08, HCS08, LPC9XX/80C51 families

    ColdFire+/ColdFire MCUs and MPUs
    • ColdFire architecture
    • Enabled by ecosystem of development tools and design resources
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    Application Specific MCUs/MPUs

    C29x family, ICPs, BLE and IEEE 802.15.4 + ZigBee

    8/16 bit MCUs
    • Designed for real-time applications ranging from customer products to automotive systems
    • Complete portofolio of OTP, ROM and ROMless devices
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    Digital Signal
    Processors / Digital Signal Controllers

    Starcore, DSP56xxx and MC56Fxxxx families

    Application Specific MCUs/MPUs
    • Integrated ARM Cortex-M-based MCU
    • On-chip Bluetooth Smart radio transceiver
    • Flash, RAM and ROM for Bluetooth software stack and application code
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    Digital Signal Processors / Digital Signal Controllers
    • DSPs built on Starcore technology
    • Optimized for applications ranging from general embedded markets to motor control and power conversion
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