From multichannel home theater surround systems to tiny cell phones, we cover virtually every system in the home, in the car, or on the move.

AM/FM Radio & Audio

  • TEF66xxx family, TEF67xxxx family, TEF70xx family
AM/FM Radio & Audio
  • Analog and DSP-based AM/FM receivers
  • Leading radio and audio performance
  • Single to multi-tuner radio systems
  • Low cost-of-ownership and system costs
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Audio Amplifiers
  • Superior robustness
  • Complete portfolio from low to high output power
  • Analog and digital inputs available
  • Pin-to-pin compatible families
  • Excellent EMC performance
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Digital Demodulators

Demodulators for cable reception able to answer all worldwide requirements

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  • TDA10025HN, TDA10026HN,
Media Processors

Multitude of audio / video products, ideal for automotive and consumer applications

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IF Demodulators

  • TDA98xx family, TDA829x family
Silicon Tuners

Extended range of products for TV and Set-Top Boxes to receive cable, terrestrial and satellite content

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Multi Standard Digital Radio
  • Support for multiple standards with a single baseband processor
  • Cost efficient co-processor to AM/FM radio/audio DSPs
  • Supports DAB, DAB+, T-DMB as well as HD radio, ready for DRM
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IF Demodulators

The TDA98xx family range is an alignment-free multi-standard (PAL, SECAM and NTSC) vision and sound IF signal Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) demodulator for positive and negative modulation

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Silicon Tuners

  • TDA182xxx family
Audio Converters
  • Portfolio covers widest dynamic range in the industry
  • Everything from complete turnkey solutions to customer-specific designs
  • Highest resolution and sampling rates
  • Extensive system and application support
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Media and Audio Processing