NXP® supports the entire entertainment chain from source to speaker. As a well-established player in the audio market, you can expect outstanding quality and design-in support for automotive, portable and domestic applications.

Audio Amplifiers

Our products are leading performers for sound, robustness and EMC performance. We pay special attention to energy efficiency, utilizing capabilities for system cost saving such as stop-start for automotive applications. We offer the highest output power for integrated solutions. You have the choice, and with our broad product portfolio you can mix and match Class-D and AB products. Also, to optimize your design we offer in-depth product knowledge with our best-in-class design-in support teams.

Class-D for car and consumer

Stereo car Amplifier Family up to 145 Watt - Diagnostic by Bus - HW Thermal fold back at 145°C - 6V capable (TDF8597) - Sev. versions (8-24V, 35V, 48V) - Digital input ( consumer) - Symmetrical supply (consumer) Quad car Amplifier (6V-24V) - Quad 26W Class-D / diagnostic

Class-AB for car

Quad amplifier: (25W – 28W) - Diagnostic by Bus - Low POP, low harmonics out of band - High sound performance - Low power dissipation (17% less) IPAS3 (incl. Vregs) for car: - Quad amplifier combination with Vregs - Easy layout - One heat sink


  • Superior robustness
  • Complete portfolio from low to high output power
  • Analog and digital inputs available
  • Pin-to-pin compatible families
  • Excellent EMC performance

Target Applications

  • Portable audio
  • Flatscreen, LCD and CRT TV and home theatre systems
  • Active / multimedia speakers
  • Car audio systems
  • AV receivers


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