Bringing security to RAIN RFID, the UCODE® DNA tag IC combines exceptional long-rangecontactless performance with a cutting-edge cryptographic security implementation for tag authentication. With this new tag IC developers no longer have to choose between contactless performance and the need for security in their applications; UCODE DNA enables them to have access to both in a single RAIN RFID tag IC. UCODE DNA is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, such as electronic road tolling, electronic vehicle registration, license plate authentication, access control, asset tracking, brand protection, parking, and fast visitor processing and special service offering at large scale venues, sports stadiums or entertainment parks.


As the leader in passive UHF and secure authentication, NXP® brings unique features to the UCODE DNA tag IC. Along with the expected features of GS1 UHF RFID Gen2 v2.0, as well as top-notch RF performance, NXP adds unexpected functionality, including a large user memory, BlockPermalock functionality and advanced privacy protection. On top of all this, NXP adds revolutionary security features, such as two 128-bit AES keys and an AES digital core for cryptographicauthentication.

UCODE DNA implements all the mandatory commands of GS1 UHF RFID Gen2 v2.0, along with the following optional commands: Access, Authenticate, BlockPermalock, BlockWrite, ReadBuffer and Untraceable.

AES authentication and privacy: UCODE DNA supports up to two 128-bit AES authentication keys. They are stored in the tag IC’s securely guarded internal memory, and can be pre-programmed and locked by NXP or inserted by the user. These cryptographic keys can be used for tag authentication or for privacy protection.

Trust Provisioning: to simplify development while strengthening the security of end applications, NXP offers a Trust Provisioning service which results in a UCODE DNA product that is ready to use as shipped. NXP’s unique service includes generating master passwords for Kill and Access, deriving individual Kill and Access passwords for each tag, and inserting these passwords into the tag. NXP also generates AES master keys, deriving all unique and tag-specific keys and then inserting them into the tag.

The UCODE DNA tag IC combines exceptional long-range contactless performance with a cryptographic security implementation


Key benefits:

  • Tag authentication as well as privacy protection based on cryptographic security
  • Long read/write ranges due to excellent chip sensitivity

Key features:

  • Designed in accordance with GS1™ UHF RFID Gen2 v2.0 (Annex N, Tag Alteration/Authenticate) and in accordance with ISO/IEC 18000-63
  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cryptographic authentication according to ISO/IEC 29167-10
  • Up to 3 kb of user memory with BlockPermalock
  • 96-bit unique tag identifier (TID), factory-locked with 48-bit unique serial number
  • Up to 448-bit EPC
  • 32-bit kill password and 32-bit access password
  • Innovative functionality:
    • Tag authentication via 128-bit AES unique crypto key
    • Privacy protection via Untraceable command and 128-bit AES group crypto key
    • Trust Provisioning for Secure Secrets
  • Compatible wit 4-pads assembly
  • READ sensitivity: -19 dBm
  • AES authentication sensitivity: -18 dBm
  • WRITE sensitivity:-11 dBm
  • WRITE speed: 32 bits per 1.5 milliseconds

Eco-system readiness:

  • UCODE DNA is already supported by more than a dozen UHF reader manufacturers
  • Inlays/labels based on UCODE DNA are already available by a half a dozen inlay/label manufacturers

Target Applications

  • Automatic vehicle identification (e.g. electronic toll collection, electronic vehicle registration
  • Visitor/staff access control and location service (e.g. theme parks, large events)
  • Visitor classification and pre-processing (e.g. border crossings, stadium entry points)
  • Retail supply-chain management/brand protection (e.g. luxury goods, fashion)
  • Asset tracking (e.g. high value assets)