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Connected Tag Solutions

Our connected tag solutions portfolio contains both, passive HF and UHF interfaces. The NTAG family complies to NFC Forum and the UCODE® family to EPCGlobal Gen. 2 standard. Next to the contactless interface, all connected tags have additional interfaces like field detection or I2C to connect to your embedded system. On top NTAG I2C plus can be used to power the embedded system by the HF field

While our NTAG® products are a good choice for any applications that are meant to communicate with smartphones, our UCODE I2C is best suited for industrial environments, where much longer reaches for data transfer are needed than usually enabled with NFC.


The NTAG F portfolio is particularly well suited for use with battery-powered systems, such as speakers and headsets, where it can wake the system and initiate Bluetooth or WiFi pairing.

The NTAG I2C plus portfolio supports full bidirectional communication between an NFC-enabled device and the host system’s microcontroller, making it an ideal solution for NFC implementations that interface with a range of electronic devices. An innovative energy-harvesting function, which makes it possible for the NTAG I2C plus tag to power external components, like a microcontroller, makes NTAG I2C an excellent choice for low-power applications.


The UCODE G2iM+ transponder ICs offers in addition to the leading-edge read range features such as a tag tamper alarm, data transfer, digital switch, advanced privacy-protection modes and a 640 bit configurable user memory.

The UCODE I2C combines two independent UHF Interfaces (following EPC gen2 standard) with an I2C interface. Its large memory can be then read or written via both interfaces. This I2C functionality enables the standard EPC gen2 functionalities to be linked to an electronic device microprocessor.




  • Complete passive solution for NFC interaction with electronic devices
  • Privacy: NFC’s limited field of operation prevents data snooping from a distance
  • Configurable field detection
  • Low power: NFC tags harvest energy from the reader RF field—no batteries required
  • Cost: lower BoM cost than Bluetooth or WiFi module and no battery requirement also lowers cost
  • Bi-directional I2C Interface
  • Pass-through (bridge) mode based on SRAM


  • Best-in-class RF sensitivity
  • Un alterable TID: 96 bits including 48-bit serial number
  • Dual front-end architecture
  • Digital switch
  • RF-to-I2C bridge mode based on SRAM

Target Applications


  • NFC accessories (headsets, speakers, etc.)
  • Wearable infotainment
  • Fitness equipment
  • Home automation with NFC commissioning
  • Consumer electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Smart printers
  • Meters
  • Home appliances


  • Electronic serialization
  • Provisioning
  • Return management
  • Device configuration/activation at the point of sale
  • Customization at the end of the supply chain
  • Firmware downloads
  • Counterfeit protection and authentication
  • Sensor applications
  • Electronic shelf labels

Featured Product

  • NT3H2111_2211
    NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant IC with I2C interface

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