Our ARM-based portfolio offers the highest level of integration, the most comprohensive software/hardware enablement & the broadest range of performance.

ARM S32 Processors & Microcontrollers
  • Automotive grade
  • Ultra-reliable processors and microcontrollers
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Kinetis EA Series

  • Cortex-M0+-based MCUs
Kinetis EA Series
  • Automotive grade
  • Up to 48 MHz performance
  • 8-128 KB Flash
  • Up to 16 KB RAM
  • ADCs, flex timers, high current outputs
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i.MX Applications Processors

  • ARM Cortex-A7/A8/A9, ARM9™, ARM11™ cores
i.MX Applications Processors
  • For multimedia and display applications
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MAC57Dxx 32-bit

  • ARM Cortex-M0+/M4/A5 cores
MAC57Dxx 32-bit ARM MCUs
  • Optimized for instrument clusters
  • Ultra-Reliable processors
  • Dual OS capability
  • Memory Expansion Flexibility
  • Up to 4 MB embedded Flash
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    What's New

    • MAC57D5x Linux & FreeRTOS
      Now available Linux and FreeRTOS software enablement package delivered by Mobiliya.
    • S32K MCU for general purpose automotive and ultra-reliable industrial applications with CAN-FD, Safety and Security

    Training and Events

    • Webinar:
      S32K MCU Motor Control Applications with Embedder Coder and Motor Control Development Toolbox