MPC560xE: Ultra-Reliable 32-bit MCU for Automotive ADAS and Industrial Ethernet Applications


Multi-Camera Panorama View Park Assist using NXP® MPC5604 MCU and i.MX6 - Demo



Key Parametrics

Product Specifications
Internal Flash (KB) 512
Operating Frequency (Max) (MHz) 64
Total DMA Channels 16

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Comparison Table

MPC560xE Comparison Table

Feature MPC5604E MPC5606E
(SiP: MPC5604E + Ethernet PHY)
Package LQFP 100
(For SW development only)
(Production Package)
121-pin MAPBGA
CPU e200z0h, 64 MHz, VLE only, no SPE
Flash with ECC CFlash: 512 KB (LC) DFlash: 64 KB (LC, area optimized)
RAM with ECC 96 KB
DMA (Direct Memory Access) 16 channels
PIT (Periodic Interrupt Timer) Yes
SWT (Software Watchdog Timer) Yes
FCU (Fault Collection Unit) Yes
Ethernet 100 MB MII 100 MB MII-Lite 100 MB MII
Video Encoder 8/12 BPP
Physical Interface NA NA Broadcom BroadR-Reach BCM89810
Audio Interface 6x Stereo (4x synchronous + 2x synchronous/asynchronous)
ADC (10-bit) 4 channels + VDD_IO + VDDCore + TSens + VGate Current
Timer I/O (eTimer) 6 channels
SCI (LINFlex) 2x
SPI (DSPI) DSPI_0: 2 chip selects
DSPI_1: 2 chip selects
DSPI_2: 4 chip selects
CAN (FlexCAN) 1x
I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit serial interface) 2x
Supply 3.3 V IO
1.2 V core with dedicated ballast source pin in two modes:
• Internal ballast
• External supply (using power on reset pin)
Phase Lock Loop (PLL) FMPLL
Internal RC Oscillator 16 MHz
External Cyrstal Oscillator 4 MHz–40 MHz
Debug JTAG, Nexus2+ JTAG JTAG, Nexus2+
Ambient Temperature –40 °C to +125 °C -40°C to +105°C

Featured Application

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
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