S12ZVMA: Mixed-Signal MCU for Automotive & Industrial Motor Control Applications



S12ZVMA Block Diagram

S12ZVMA Block Diagram

S12ZVMA Device Image

S12ZVMA Device Image

NXP Doubles Its Portfolio of MagniV Microcontrollers for Automotive Motor Control


S12ZVMA Comparison Table

Product Name VMAL32 VMAL16 VMAL32 VMAL16 VMA32 VMA16 VMA32 VMA16
Communication PHY LIN High Voltage PWM
Packages 48LQFP 32LQFP 48LQFP 32LQFP
Flash (bytes) 32 KB 16 KB 32 KB 16 KB 32 KB 16 KB 32 KB 16 KB
EEPROM (bytes) 128
RAM (bytes) 2k 1k 2k 1k 2k 1k 2k 1k
Vreg 12V supply; 5V/70mA
N-ch FET predriver / GDU (HS / LS) 1-Jan Jan-00 1-Jan Jan-00
External FET 50-80nC total gate charge
Charge pump Yes
Bootstrap Diodes integrated 1
Op Amp / Current sense 1
10 Bit ADC (ext. channels) 8 4 8 4
SCI 1 (routed to LIN-PHY)
TIM (IC/OC channels) 4ch 16 Bit
PWM 6ch PMF (2 x GDU, 4 x GPIO)
Internal timers RTI+API
EVDD (25mA sink) 1
Temperature Options up to 150°C Ta

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