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CAN/LIN/FlexRay Transceivers

Today's cars can have 200 or more networked components. NXP® develops and delivers the transceiver solutions you need to ensure your automotive electronics communicate efficiently and intelligently.

CAN/LIN/FlexRay Transceivers

Building on 15 years of in-vehicle network (IVN) developments, we offer a complete portfolio covering all key automotive network standards. Engaging closely with car manufacturers and module makers, we provide insightful solutions that meet your needs - pushing down overall network costs while driving up system performance, communication speeds, quality and reliability. Our industry leading silicon solutions for CAN, LIN and FlexRay provide value for your design with numerous product / system benefits, and we continue to lead with drop-in upgrades as requirements evolve.

Covering all industry accepted standards

Complete CAN family covering all three CAN physical layer implementations ­ includes ‘golden devices’ for newer standards · Growing selection of LIN2.0 / SAE-J2602 compatible ICs ­ fully complements our proven CAN family · Extensive feature set integrated in industry's first FlexRay transceiver ­ FlexRay system helps drive new network opportunities · Fail-Safe SBC (System Basis Chip) family with scalable platform approach ­ quick and easy development of robust, fail-safe ECUs

Delivering excellence, from innovation through to support

In-house application expertise and our significant roles in developing standards helps us understand your specifications and requirements - helping you to enhance your communication capabilities and minimize time-to-market. · Dedicated application support from our Automotive Innovation Center · Latest A-BCD fabrication process delivers performance / system benefits · NXP is engaged with key players in the automotive industry, helping drive industry developments