Combines several popular functions in automotive MCU-based systems. Our System Basis Chip (SBC) family featuring SMARTMOS technology supports linear voltage regulation, controlled through an SPI interface. They possess various power saving modes such as standby, sleep, stop and other features such as wakeup, and watchdog timer.

Standard Key Features: interrupt output, reset, watchdog.
Products Device Function Package Type Package Termination Count Supply voltage [min] (V) Supply voltage [max] (V) Ambient Operating Temperature (Min-Max) (°C)
CAN/LIN System Basis Chips
Compact and Scalable
comm transceivers, linear regulators, system basis chip LQFP32, SSOP32 32 5.5 33 -40 to 125
Functional System Basis Chips
Software Complexity Reduced
linear regulators, system basis chip LQFP48 48 -1 40 -40 to 125
Mini System Basis Chips
Optimum performance
linear regulators, system basis chip HVSON8 14 3 40 -40 to 125


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